she / they XXI asian unlabeled cisgender female capricorn kpop stan sailor moon lover hufflepuff

.FAVS. kpop. pretty little liars. riverdale. purple. horror movies. true crime. tattoos..EWW. the dark. clowns. the ocean. bugs. math.


.MY NAMES. My name is Minji, but you can also call me Monika..SECOND ACC. I have a theme shop on @peachywonyo.ALT ACCOUNT. I post non-kpop related things on @giselleartt.JOINT ACCOUNT. Kinda dead joint account @T0XIC-S0ULS


.B4 U FOLLOW. i speak korean and english. i am 21 years old and a college student. i'm also pregnant so i may go on hiatus this autumn..DO NOT FOLLOW. if my age makes you uncomfortable! if you're racist or ___phobic. if you fetishize asians!!


.MY ULTS. SHINee. VIXX. Jeon Somi. aespa. Stray Kids. TXT. The Boyz. KARD. ITZY. IZ*ONE. ENHYPEN..MY SEMIS. Jay Park. Sunmi. Weki Meki. Kep1er. CASS:y. Bigbang. EXO. TWICE. IU..RECENTLY INTO. STAYC. Weeekly. Seventeen. Red Velvet.